We have been developing Filemaker solutions since 1987 and our key products are MyOffice Mobile and GoBillIt and MyWorkOrders

GoBillIt is an invoicing and quoting system for the iPhone. It has a signature capture for the quotes and 2 pictures for the invoice module. The Before and After pictures get included in the PDF Invoice that gete emailed from the program.

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Filemaker Partner Referral Program

Imagine if one of the TOP ranked local websites in Google could instantly benefit you directly... Now it can!

We have launched a national referral program JUST for Filemaker Developers and you have an opportunity to control all the referrals our sites generate in your local market. We cannot handle all the requests and to be fair to our clients we prefer that they work with someone local.

The program is simple, fair and best of all requires only 3 things from you.
1) Select up to 25 available cities within your service area cluster (assuming they are still available). If you are in a low density area with no other Filemaker Developers the area can be expanded. The reverse is true with high density areas with many Filemaker Developers.
2) Agree to our low flat-rate monthly subscription fee of $49 a month with a 10% commission to us from work done with those referral clients. The commission is 10% for the first year and then drops to 5% for the next 9 years. This will be on a honor system.
3) Provide us with the best “Ring To” phone number to automatically forward live lead phone calls to. You get a unique 800 number that directs directly to your number. We will be recording the calls to ensure that the leads are bonafide and working to get you more business.

All we ask is that you be fair to prospects because our BRAND is the referring party and we’d like the callers experience to be great start to finish.
Once a market gets spoken for…it continues to work exclusively for that Filemaker Developer…so long as you keep your subscription active and paid and honor our commission agreement.

To sign up today just click on the 'subscribe' button below and you complete the order with PayPay. You will then get a Referral Fee Agreement which you can sign and either fax of email to us. The referral agreement is with MyMagicLeads, LLC.

Then email us the 25 cities you want to cover. Your success is our success/


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