Company Milestones

  • 1984 - Developed custom software using BASIC in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1987 - Opened doors in Burbank, California - Nicholas Trataris Int'l
  • 1987 - Developed Bricks, an accounting solution in Panorama for Mac
  • 1989 - Worked with School Districts, networking all the schools in Littlerock, California
  • 1992 - Became an Apple Certified Reseller and Service Provider, open up an Apple Store (independant) in Palmdale, CA.
  • 1997 - Built our brand of PC's called Zebra Systems
  • 2001 - Focused on designing and installing wide area networks - Palmdale, CA - Information Alliance Corp.
  • 2006 - Promoted the use of eReader as a substitute for duplicate books at high school district
  • 2008 - Promoted HandSpring, a Palm Pilot which had a cell phone add on, the precursor to the moden Smart Phone
  • 2009 - Developed a text messaging system for Real Estate signs, agents asked me what is 'text messaging'
  • 2010 - Started work on MyWebot - A presonal search engine.
  • 2011 - Developed GoBill (Estimating and Invoicing System) a FileMaker Solution that runs on a iPhone.
  • 2012 - Started the QuickScanIt a stand to scan documents and mobile checks.

Background of Nicko Trataris (Founder)

I first got the computer bug in 1984 while attending Marquette University getting a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Back then we had to wait in line to use the dumb terminals in the lab that were hooked up to a mainframe to do our assignments. That Christmas Santa gave me ($199) a Commordore Plus4 personal computer. After connecting it to our Black and white TV and an acoustic 300 bps modem I was able to login into the mainframe, do my assigments and pickup the printouts next day. At the time I realized that this was important knowledge and I spent countless hours learning Basic and machine language. I was born in Malawi (Africa) of Greek parents and we lived there until I was 13 years old. Spent my High School years and University in Athens, Greece. Transfered to a US University were I graduated with a degree of Mechanical Engineering. Moved to Los Angeles in 1986 were I got a sales job at a Hollywood Apple dealer.

A list of some of our work.